Welcome to Deepsagar Beach Resort

Distances to Ladghar
  • Dapoli to Ladghar - 12 kms
  • Khed to Ladghar - 45 kms
  • Pune to Ladghar - 210 kms
  • Mumbai to Ladghar - 235 kms
  • How to Reach Deepsagar Resort

    Ladghar is about 12 kms from Dapoli town. Once you reach Dapoli town continue towards Harnai and just as you leave the town you will find the Burundi police 'chowki' on your left. Take the left here and follow the signboards to reach Ladghar beach. Deepsagar resort is located right by the beach and is difficult to miss!

    Click on the links below for road maps
    Dapoli to Ladghar

    Mumbai to Dapoli

    Pune to Dapoli